Give Day 2017 Total Donations $1,754,365
Unique Donors: 10448
Donations: 12300
Give Day Tampa Bay is still giving! $1,881,797 has been raised since May 2, 2017

Give Day Overall Totals

During the 24 hour event donors gave to help nonprofits qualify for prize grant money - read more about the prizes here!

All leaderboards are ranked by "most unique donors" who give online to participating nonprofits. Leaderboards reflect online gifts made on the Razoo website between April 18 - May 2. Prizes will be awarded based on these leaderboards only.

The overall total includes: checks, offline matches and gifts reported to CFTB, grants, prizes, and the total amount raised on Razoo between April 18 - May 2.

See Give Day Overall Totals